The Nigeria Agribusiness Group (NABG) has partnered with the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) to invest in evidence-based agriculture policy and regulatory options in Nigeria. The investment covers policy and regulatory reforms in the importation, manufacturing, distribution and quality control of fertilizers to improve crop production and productivity.


The investment extends to market price stabilization mechanisms for both farm inputs and outputs. The goal of NABG is to reach millions of smallholder farmers with improved, consistent and affordable agri-inputs, especially certified seeds of improved varieties and hybrids and soil specific fertilizer blends in partnership with AGRA.


As the apex organized private sector agribusiness platform in Nigeria, NABG is leading the joint efforts to ensure all stakeholders and investors are given the opportunity to make inputs into the policy and regulatory reform. NABG is creating a seamless opportunity for win-win outcomes to the private sector and public sector investments in the agribusiness space. There is a new paradigm going on in Nigeria.

Sani Dangote, President and Chairman of NABG remains bullish on calling for the institutionalization of price stabilization mechanisms to drive competitiveness.


Dangote said, “There is no money available for government to continue with the National Agriculture Growth Enhancement Support Scheme as we know it. Our farmers need guaranteed markets and price stability for their produce to be competitive against cheaper agricultural imports. The processors demand consistent supply of raw materials to help create jobs and diversification of the economy.”


AGRA has helped NABG to mobilize local talents to provide technical analysis of the economic impact of policy and regulatory reforms for agri-inputs and services in Nigeria.It is critically important that Development Partners engage local talents to work with organized farming cooperatives, contract growers and with the food and agro-allied industries alongside Ministries, Departments and Agencies of government.


Stakeholders at the Economic Impact Analysis Workshop concluded that “government must focus its efforts on affordable pricing of fertilizer, agro-chemicals and certified seeds.” There is need to establish an institutional framework to drive productivity through fiscal and non-fiscal incentives and price stabilization mechanisms.


AGRA is expected to intensify investments in Nigeria by continuing to help strengthen private sector agribusinesses and the capacity of smallholder farmers to meet the demands of food processors and consumers at large.



On December 13th 2016 in Abuja, the Nigeria Agribusiness Group (NABG), the apex organization of all agribusiness stakeholders in Nigeria, held its Annual General Assembly Meeting at the Reiz Continental Hotel.

Sani Dangote, Chairman of the NABG Executive Leadership Group (ELG) was elected President. Dangote will continue to serve as Chairman of the Executive Council.

Other elected Exco members were Chief Emmanuel Ijewere, the CEO of Best Foods as Vice President, Antti Ritvonen, the Managing Director of Dizengoff W A (NIG) Ltd) as Secretary, and Akin Sawyerr, Secretary of AFGEAN as Treasurer.

Individual members representing their Association were elected to the Administrative Board, representing Key Segments of the agriculture value chain development including small, medium and large farmer organizations and women farmer associations.

Dr. Tony Bello, CEO of H2AFoods Nig. Ltd was appointed Director General.

Over the past year, NABG has grown from one Segment, the ELG to 22 registered Association members consisting of hundreds of individual members.

According to the newly elected president, “we need to engage and appoint more people with the level of commitment, dedication and sacrifices” that has been demonstrated by some key members of the ELG and notable individuals such as Temitope Oluwo, former Acting Secretary. Oluwo was referred to as “madam NABG” attracting the applause of the House of Delegates.

Later in a press briefing, and citing the case of his tomato factory, Dangote said: “we are working on innovative financing and market price stabilization mechanisms to resolve the issues of supply security to meet the market demands of food and beverage processors in Nigeria.” This is why VP Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, the Executive Governor of Kano State and the Minister of Industries, Trade and Investments recently visited our out-grower farmers in Kano. “The farmers were very happy” he said.

The second NABG AGM was sponsored by the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) under the Micro Reforms for Africa Agribusinesses (MIRA) and by the USAID Nigeria Expanded Trade and Transport (NEXTT) project.

Dr. Tony Bello, NABG Director General
13th December 2016