We are an organized private sector platform working together to grow Nigeria’s agricultural economy, creating jobs and lifting millions out of poverty. Our investments cut across the entire value chain from input to output markets, export markets, equipment and consumer foods manufacturing.

We strive to engage government at all levels in setting policy directions and regulatory reforms to enable sustainable inclusive socio-economic growth. Together, we are helping to ensure food security and nutrition, creating systemic linkages between small, medium and large agribusiness enterprises.

We are working together as stakeholders in agriculture to diversify the economy of Nigeria away from oil and gas towards agricultural industrialization. We recognize our role as the engine of economic growth with government creating the enabling environment for agribusinesses to thrive.

We represent the faces of agribusiness in Nigeria, speaking with a unified voice to identify and provide solution options to resolve issues and challenges and to identify new opportunities for sustainable growth. We recognize that farmers are the largest private sector group in Nigeria.

We promote the principles of inclusive growth and sustainability through gender sensitivity engagements and creating employment opportunities for our youths in a structured manner.

We work with government at all levels and with Development Partners to drive sustainable growth in Nigeria’s agricultural sector.

Our Mission:

To be the association for the development and growth of inclusive and sustainable agribusiness across Nigeria and beyond.

Our Vision:

To enable the development and implementation of policies and initiatives that enhance the competitiveness of the entire agriculture value chain, ensure food security and position Agribusiness as a key driver for growth in the Nigerian economy.