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Communiqué of the inaugural meeting of the National Stakeholder Committee for the Governance, Promotion and Regulation of the Tomato Sector in Nigeria


In November 2017, with the support of the AGRA MIRA Nigeria Project, Pyxera Global and the Kaduna State Government, NABG facilitated the gathering of stakeholder in the Tomato Value Chain on the need for price stabilization in the sector. The meeting revealed that price was only a factor which changes in relation to output of production. Only one percent of tomato farmers in Nigeria use high breed seedlings. This behavior is majorly attributed to fear of the unknowns as well as lack of effective communication and education. To proffer a lasting solution, stakeholder’s committed to the formation of a committee for promoting and regulating tomato value chain in Nigeria.

The Committee will be addressed as the National Stakeholder Committee for the Governance, Promotion and Regulation of the Tomato Sector in Nigeria.

Responsibilities of the Tomato Stakeholder Committee include but not limited to the following:

  1. Facilitate the stabilization of prices of fresh tomato across the country
  2. Promote continuous awareness and information dissemination to farmers. (i.e. Radio jingles and Text messages in local language).
  3. Advocate for the full implementation & enforcement of the FG Tomato Policy. Tomato factories must however commit to support backward integration.
  4. Strengthen value chain through best handling practices and preservation technology pre/post-harvest.
  5. The stakeholders committee will also promote the adoption of plastic crates for moving fresh produce.
  6. Develop a standard template for agreements, contracts or MOU between the various stakeholders: Farmers & Off-taker; Farmer and Input suppliers; Farmers & Financial Institutions etc.
  7. Promote investment opportunities in establishing seedling nurseries around production hubs.
  8. Promote investment opportunities in Fresh Produce Logistics  and Storage
  9. Promote investments in packing-houses and aggregation centers in major locations across the country

The Inaugural ceremony of the National Stakeholder Committee for the Governance, Promotion and Regulation of the Tomato Sector in Nigeria was hosted by the Kaduna State Government at the State House, Kaduna. The delegation was welcome by the Deputy Governor Kaduna State, Mr. Bala Bantex.

The Vice President NABG Mr. Emmanuel Ijewere who led the delegation to the government house gave a brief background of the tomato sector in Nigeria and the need for a private sector committee that will work with relevant government Ministries and agencies to monitor and regulate the tomato sector.

He listed the 7 sub-committee of the National Stakeholder Committee for the Governance, Promotion and Regulation of the Tomato Sector and introduced the members.  The sub-committees will act as implementation arm of the National committee.

A. Producers

  1. Tomato Growers & Processors Association of Nigeria
  2. Tomato Growers Association of Nigeria (TOGAN)
  3. Savanah Farms
  4. Irrigation & Water Users Association (IWUA)
  5. Tomato Jos
  6. Nigeria Institute for Horticultural Research (NIHORT)
  7. Agro Dealers Association of Nigeria
  8. National Agricultural Seed Council (NASC)
  9. Fertilizers Producers and Suppliers Association Nigeria (FEPSAN)
  10. Seed Association of Nigeria (SEEDAN)
  11. Nigeria Agricultural Insurance Corporation (NAIC)
  12. Bank of Agriculture (BOA)
  13. Nigeria Incentive-Based Risk Sharing for Agricultural Lending (NIRSAL)
  14. Agricultural Development Programs (ADP)
  15. Tractor Owners and Hiring Facilities Association of Nigeria (TOHFAN)
  16. East West Seeds Nigeria
  17. Sygenta Nigeria Limited

B. Communication & Education

  1. Gain/PLAN
  2. Techno-Serve
  4. PYXERA Global
  5. IFAD
  6. NAIC
  7. Agro Dealers

 C. Logistics

  1. ALYX Limted
  2. APMT
  3. Kennie O. Cold Chain Logistics
  4. RTEAN
  5. Mile 12 Market
  6. Owerri Market

 D. Data Gathering and management

  1. Pyxera Global
  2. Techno Serve
  3. Novus Agro
  4. NABG

 E. Fresh Produce Market Oversight

  1. Mile 12 Market Tomato Association
  2. Naija Pride Agribusiness Global
  3. Owerri Relief Market Association.

F. Processor

  1. Dangote Farms Limited (Tomato factory)
  2. SpringField Agro
  3. Aldusar Tomato Processing Factory
  4. SONIA Foods Industries

G. Government Relation

  • All ADP’s in the 12 tomato producing states in Northern Nigeria.

The various sub-committees leader are:

  1. Producers Committee – Alh A. Ringim (President Tomato Growers, Processors and Marketers association of Nigeria)
  2. Communication & Education Committee – Ayodele Tella (Gain/Plan)
  3. Logistic Providers Committee – Mr Alexandra Isong (ALYX Limited)
  4. Data Gathering  Committee – Mr Sannusi Bature (Pyxera Global)
  5. Fresh Produce Markets Committee – Mrs. Bukola Nwaneri (Naija Pride)
  6. Processing & Packaging Committee – Alh A. Kaita (Dangote Farms)
  7. Government Relations  Committee– Mr Laban Maina (Gombe State Government)


The Deputy Governor related the Governors message and thanked the committee for the singular honor given to Kaduna State to inaugurate this important stakeholder group. Mr Bala Bantex, Deputy Governor Kaduna State, then proceeded to officially inaugurate the committee on behalf of the His Excellency, Mallam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai, Executive Governor Kaduna State and 11 other tomato producing states in Northern Nigeria.

The National committee also committee to:

  1. promote/advocacy legislation on crate for moving fresh produce
  2. promote/advocate selling of tomato seedlings and not seeds
  3. promote investment in seed nursery as a business in Nigeria. Most especially for youth empowerment
  4. increase production capacity of farmers by 100% before year end
  5. promote best handling practices by farmers
  6. address the volatility in the Nigeria tomato sector by stabilizing the price of tomato before 2019